Gas Station Ceviche in Playa Samara

At La Bomba, “fresh ceviche” and “gas station” really do belong in the same sentence. 

Ambiance-shmbiance. The best ceviche in Playa Samara is served out of a cooler at La Bomba gas station. Yeah, we said it.

Anyone driving across North West Costa Rica between Samara, Nicoya and/or Nossara should—and by the looks of the daily crowds, does—pull over at the La Bomba gas station for a cup of shockingly delicious ceviche. The homemade goodness is served poco o grande, pescado, camaron, o mixto—all with an extra crunchy chicharrón, a mini-plantain, and package of saltine crackers. A large pescado will run you $4; camaron or mixto cost $5.

People come by bus, car, and motorcycle just to get a side of ceviche with their diesel.

When we asked her for her recipe, Ms. E gladly shared: fresh fish and shrimp, lime, salt, sweet red peppers, onions, cilantro, and a splash of orange juice. Keeping it simple. Keeping it real delicious.

Ceviche from the cooler. Good for up to 3 days refrigerated. Best on day one.

Ceviche from the cooler

Ceviche "La Bamaba"

Ceviche “La Bomaba”

Chicharrón and Ceviche, a match made in heaven.

Chicharrón & ceviche, a match made in heaven

When the local bus drivers interrupt their route just to grab a cup of ceviche, you know it's something special.

When local bus drivers interrupt their routes to grab a cup, you know it’s good

A happy Natalie enjoying her mid afternoon snack.

A happy Natalie enjoying her mid-afternoon snack

Then wash it all down

Then wash it all down