Raphael’s Butcher Shop Chorizo Recipe

Raphael brings me into the fold, and I learn one of my favorite Chorizo recipes 

Raphael’s Chorizo is as much a product of necessity as desire. Chorizo, like most sausages, is a perfect “clean up” product for small butcher shops around the world. Whether breaking down whole animals or just cutting steaks, you are bound to end up with a lot of “scrap” meat. This meat can be turned into any number of things, but in Latin America, the go-to end product is almost always chorizo. Every culture, butcher, and chef has myriad chorizo recipes—it’s one of the most prolific cultural staples in the world. Raphael was generous enough to share his recipe with me. It’s one that I really enjoyed and had the pleasure of sampling both in the shop and at some of the most popular restaurants in Playa Samara.

Note: Raphael has made this recipe for over a decade. Therefore he does not use measurements. The recipe below is my best guess at his seasoning proportions while watching him work his magic. Enjoy!

Chorizo Ready to Grind

Chorizo ingredients, almost ready for the grinder.


  • 5 kilo pork trim
  • 5 kilo beef trim
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 heads of garlic, cloves broken apart but unpeeled
  • 1 bunch cilantro, very rough chop
  • 2 sweet red chiles, very rough chop
  • 10 jalapeños, very rough chop
  • 20 chile Panama (Scotch Bonnet Chiles), very rough chop, must be green (do not use red—too ripe and too hot!)
  • 1 cup Mexican oregano
  • 1 ½ cup Spanish paprika
  • 3 cups “salsa”—a vegetable blend of tomatoes, carrots, vinegar etc; pretty similar to V8, with a little more acid

This recipe couldn’t be simpler, the meat grinder does all the hard work:

Sort through the trim, removing any bone or hard cartilage you find. Combine all ingredients. Mix well to distribute. Then pass all through the meat grinder on a 1/8 die. That’s it.

If you wish, prepare the meat grinder for sausage stuffing and stuff away (Raphael does)!

Remember only the green chile Panamas!

Remember only the green chile Panamas.

Raphael Making Chorizo on the floor.

The master at work.

Now for the fun part! Sausage stuffing.

Now for the fun part—sausage stuffing!