Vacation Calm Before the Travel Storm

In which a three-year dream becomes reality, and we celebrate with a 72-hour nap. 

We packed. We launched. We flew. We arrived in Playa Samara, Costa Rica.

Maybe it’s the heat, or more likely the working world detox, but the first week of our adventure has been one big, beautiful, non-adventure. Not necessarily the stuff blogging dreams are made of, but enough to put us into a fairytale sleep in the first home we’ve had since moving out of our apartment mid-October.

Looking our at Isla Chora from our casita | Playa Sámara

When not getting reacquainted with domesticity, life consists of bobbing in our bathtub of an ocean, exploring the beach, and lathering each other with copious amounts of sunscreen (tropical sun: 1 Gringos: 0).

Frying like bacon

We landed in San Jose early Sunday morning, rented a little stick shift, and Cliff piloted us 200km north through quaint (read: missing bridges and zero traffic control) country roads to Playa Samara, and the hillside cottage that will be our home for four weeks.

Playa Sámara is a world-renowned surf destination, but a 6.7 earthquake in September 2012 has rendered the bay remarkably calm

In addition to our amazingly accommodating hosts, Bill and Donna, we’ve met an armadillo (the first non-roadkill one I’ve ever seen) and several impressive basilisk lizards. These prehistoric creatures are known as the Jesus Christ Lizard for their ability to skirt across water. We’ve only seen them clatter through dry forest, but that’s a sight we’d chant a few Hail Marys to see.

Guanacaste Provence does not skimp on flora and fauna

Our wildlife highlight came last night: after hearing them since day one, we finally laid eyes on our neighbourhood pack of Capuchin monkies—about a dozen of them enjoying happy hour in the canopy over our hill.

Locals and vacationing Ticos get down with happy hour, too

Hardcore travel and accompanying adventure is definitely on the horizon. But for now we’re loving the hell out of our vacation before the travel storm. Over the next week, we’ll be finishing up some U.S. posts, exploring our new digs, and working through the kinks on this site. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed—it will only get better from here!
Until then, mucho gusto Costa Rica.

Sunset, Sámara. ’nuff said.