IMG_7064Cliff taking in the Inca Trail | Peru

Updated: 9 – 15 – 2013

We decided long ago that we wanted to see parts of the world that might change drastically over the next decade. We also kept our travel itinerary loose from the get go, incase we wanted to make changes along the way. That was a good idea, because we have made quite a few changes since our original pre-flight plans.

Our original pre flight itinerary looked something like this:

Costa Rica > Panama > Colombia > Peru > Bolivia > Argentina > Brazil > Morocco > Jordan >  Turkey > India > Thailand > Vietnam > Cambodia > Loas > Malaysia > Indonesia > United Kingdom > Western Europe

Our actual travel itinerary ended up looking like this:

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Costa Rica > Panama > Colombia > Peru > Argentina > Brazil > Italy > United Kingdom > France > Spain > Portugal > Greece > Turkey > India

We will be in India for two and a half months. Departing sometime mid-December 2013.

Where are we headed next ?

Unless we fall madly in love with India we continue to South East Asia.

Our South East Asia itinerary looks something like this:

Thailand > Myanmar > Loas > Cambodia > Vietnam > Indonesia

After that? Who knows?