Cliff and Natalie at the Meating

Cliff and Natalie at The Meating | Napa Valley

Cliff and Natalie

Cliff—an Oakland native, former meat monger, classically trained cook, and proud pickler—is on a carnivorous pilgrimage to eat every (non-endangered) animal on the planet. Prior to selling them, he earned his chops cheffing around the Bay Area. After leaving the line to travel in South America, he returned to California to join Prather Ranch Meat Company where he furthered his passion for sustainable foods and agriculture, farmers markets, heritage breeds and offal-loving chefs.

Raised in Canada and schooled in the South, Natalie prefers the question “where y’at?” to “where are you from?”. She’s lived on both coasts, two great lakes, and the mighty Mississippi, studied in Florence and taught in Buenos Aires. As a copywriter, she’s worked in Chicago, Austin and San Francisco. Editing Pasture Braised, she is thrilled to return to employing the English language as God, and the Queen, intended.

Together, we pack 88 liters of bag space, 10 pairs of socks, two matching tattoos and one engagement story, and a gigantic appetite for life.

Thanks for joining the adventure.