The Week in Photos

  • The Week in Photos: A Day at the Taj Mahal

    By Natalie on November 1, 2013
    A Day at the Taj Mahal is the lowest common denominator of all trips to India. (In a good way). No matter how many weeks or months travelers spend in this sprawling country, all roads (rails, and flight paths) lead to the Crown of Palaces. An Evening in Waiting Our 24-hour day at the Taj Mahal started in the evening. […]
  • The Week in Photos — India-Pakistan Border Ceremony

    By Natalie on October 18, 2013
    An open letter to Canada-US Border Control: We have just witnessed the greatest show on Earth: the India-Pakistan border ceremony, otherwise known as the Beating Retreat ceremony. Perhaps you are familiar with the pomp, frenzy and overall spectacle that is the world’s most elaborate border closing ceremony. As loyal patriots, our question is this: what is the Canadian-US response? Wagah is the only legal road […]
  • The Week in Photos: Getting to Spiti Valley

    By Natalie on October 7, 2013
    Getting to Spiti Valley is no easy task. There’s a daily bus from Manali to Kaza (Spiti’s capital), but taking a jeep is your best, most comfortable, least terrifying bet. Kind of. It’s a highly variable 10-hour drive from Manali to Kaza across the Rohtang and Kunzum passes. The rocky road is only open from April to October and feels like it’s fallen directly […]
  • The Week in Photos: Ganesha Chaturthi 2013

    By Natalie on September 27, 2013
    Ganesha Chaturthi 2013 was like Fat Tuesday, Christmas, and your favourite music festival rolled into one incredible pulsating day. Ganesha Chaturthi is the annual birthday celebration for the wildly popular Hindu elephant headed god Ganesh. Ganpati Bappa as he’s affectionately known in Mumbai. The celebration is actually 10 days long. But like Mardi Gras is to Carnival, the final day of Ganesha Chaturthi is […]
  • The Week in Photos: Travel Dubai

    By Pasture Braised on September 20, 2013
    We’d need a time machine to keep the blog up to speed with our on the ground adventures. In the mean time, in this new segment we’ll post a handful of pictures that sum up the week. Enjoy! Dubai was absolutely insane. We probably increased our carbon footprint by 200x in our 18 hour layover. We tried to see all the “sites” which […]